Twisted's Celebration cake.  You choose the size and we create 3 layers of deliciousness for you.  Topped off with buttercream swirls and a decadent chocolate drip, simply let us know what colour you would like.
Magical Unicorn cakes
Twisted's 6 pack of mini cakes.  A selection of our fabulous cakes.  Perfect for that afternoon sweet treat.
Twisted's Donut Cake.  Layers of cake filled with buttercream, finished off with a chocolate drizzle and fondant donuts.  You choose the colours, and we will take care of the rest.
Chocolate Lovers
A great celebration cake for that special person who is "How Old?!!!!!"  Consists of a 5", 2 layer cake, covered in embossed fondant toilet paper, with 12 poo emoji cupcakes.
Twisted's 5 pack of vegan mini cakes.  A selection of our amazing flavours.
Twisted's Edible Image Cake.  You can either send us a high resolution image, or we can source one for you.  A great way to personalise your cake. Contact us for other dietary requirements ie dairy free and egg free.
Twisted's Number and Letter Cakes are a perfect way to make the cake fit the occasion. From 1st birthdays all the way through to 100 and beyond a number cake is great for the milestone birthdays and to remind everyone just how old "turning 29 again" really is.